Julie eikmann

st. louis, mo

Juli started getting outside for exercise over two years ago when she lived down the street from a large county park. It began slowly as long dog walks, then grew into local hiking trails, and eventually became getting up at dawn on a Sunday to drive two hours for a hike. Being outdoors had branched out beyond a means for physical activity. Hiking turned into a time and place for processing, refreshing, and relaxation, and even sparked a bit of curiosity to travel more.

Not only is Womxn Who Wander a great opportunity to increase outdoor experiences, but it’s also shared with a group of like-minded individuals. As someone with a strong tomboy side, it’s been very impactful and uplifting to connect with women through this setting, and having these communities blend together is an empowering force of nature – pun intended.

Erica vogler

st. louis, mo

Erica is a helper at heart who works as a social worker and loves supporting women to feel their most empowered. She joined the Womxn Who Wander family to feel her most empowered. Erica is constantly working to create a welcoming space for everyone, and will be making the trails more inclusive by leading hikes for women of all abilities. In addition to hiking, Erica also loves running, yoga, drinking beer, traveling, reading, horror movies, and most of all, spending time with her  favorite creature, Banzai the pup.

jenn meyers

st. louis, mo

One of Jenn Meyers' first memories in nature is begging her mom to pick her up from Girl Scout camp because there were too many bugs. Having not been introduced to hiking as a kid, Jenn had no interest in participating until she first saw mountains as an adult. Challenging herself to start out with tiny hikes around local parks, Jenn found that slow exercise in nature helped curb her normally intense anxiety. As her knowledge built up, so did her bravery, and now Jenn is proud to say she has hiked more than her child self could have ever imagined - including summiting two 14'ers in Colorado and hiking 10 miles alone to the foothills from Sandia Peak.

A St. Louis native, Jenn is proud to be from the area and be a part of the Womxn Who Wander team. Knowing full well how intimidating hiking can be when you don't know where to start, she is excited to provide inclusive hikes for all and help build confidence in the outdoors. 

Outside of hiking, Jenn loves canned wine, vegetarian food, traveling as much as possible, and her dog Lola. She is still afraid of bugs. 

Sara nelson

st. louis, mo

This is Sara. She’s a St. Louisian born & raised, currently residing in south city. Most of her childhood, like many before the tech age, was spent outdoors. Nature doesn’t judge. Nature is medicine. That’s why Sara was compelled to take on a more active role in the Womxn Who Wander family; to not only connect with like minded individuals but encourage the culture of appreciating the outdoors & show others how invaluable the wild spaces left in our world are. 

Sara continues to explore the natural world whenever & wherever she can. She’s had the privilege of traveling from Colorado to California, from Costa Rica to Southeast Asia. When she’s not working as a massage therapist or hitting the trails with her niece (sister’s dog) Oomi, she’s usually curled up with a book or binging anime at home with her two cats. She enjoys long walks, short talks, fart jokes, dirty martinis, Thai food, and daydreaming about her next adventure.